Mirror Maze 2.0 Has Been Released!

I’ve been hard at work these last few months on the new version of Mirror Maze. After initially releasing Mirror Maze, I had a number of ideas that I wanted to implement. Today, I’m excited to announce that Mirror Maze 2.0 is live! I’m really happy with how the new ideas turned out!

I completely re-envisioned the game types (with the help of my kids), bringing 7 new game types and 250+ new mazes to 2.0! It was a lot of fun bringing these ideas to life and I hope you enjoy the updates.

You can learn more about Mirror Maze 2.0 over at the marketing site.

Mirror Maze 2.0 is live in the App Store and Google Play. Go check it out!


Mirror Maze Now Available on the App Store and Google Play!

As I recently announced, I’ve been working on a new mobile game for Android and iOS called Mirror Maze. I’m happy to announce that Mirror Maze is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play!

Mirror Maze is a fun and challenging new take on maze games and I’m very excited to share it with the world. Go download it for your device and give it a try today. It’s good fun for all ages. If you like it, help an indie developer out and give it a good review 🙂

I developed Mirror Maze with Xamarin and CocosSharp and have already begun writing drafts for upcoming posts to share what I learned along the way. Stay tuned for my upcoming Mobile Game Development series right here.

Announcing Mirror Maze!

I’ve gone dark on this blog for quite some time now, but I’m coming back out into the light to share my latest project. I’m excited to announce a new mobile game I’ve been working on for many months. Mirror Maze!

Mirror Maze is a fun and challenging new take on maze games. With Mirror Maze, your movements are mirrored as you try to complete mazes of varying complexity and difficulty. Learn more about Mirror Maze over at the marketing page.

I’ve been a mobile developer for many years now, and games have been a fun thing to develop on my own time. But this marks the first time that I’ll have an app out on the App Store, let alone the same app deployed both on Google Play and the App Store. As of this writing, v1.0 of Mirror Maze is published out on Google Play, available for Android users to enjoy, and in private beta testing out on the App Store, available for some my friends with iPhones and iPads to play with and provide feedback. I still have some hoops to jump through before going live on the App Store, but hope to finish jumping through those hoops in the next week or two.

I developed this game using Xamarin and CocosSharp. The process was a mix of lots of fun and lots of frustration. In fact, I learned so much from developing Mirror Maze that I plan to resurrect this blog to write up a series of posts outlining all the things I wish I had known before starting an app with Xamarin and CocosSharp.

Stay tuned!