I’m speaking at NDC MN 2018!

Norwegian Developer’s Conference (NDC) is one of those conferences I’ve heard about for years and always wanted to check out someday. Since it was located in Norway, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance. However, it’s coming to St. Paul Minnesota May 7-10 2018, and I’ve been selected as a presenter! It really is an honor to be selected for a conference with as much global reach as this one and I’ve very excited for the opportunity to present at it.

My session is Go Mobile with Xamarin, which will be an introductory discussion about mobile development with Xamarin for Android and iOS. I’ve been working with Xamarin for several years now and am looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge with NDC MN.

If you’re in the area, come check it out. There’s a lot of great speakers lined up and it will be a great opportunity to learn a ton.

See you there!

Mirror Maze 2.0 Has Been Released!

I’ve been hard at work these last few months on the new version of Mirror Maze. After initially releasing Mirror Maze, I had a number of ideas that I wanted to implement. Today, I’m excited to announce that Mirror Maze 2.0 is live! I’m really happy with how the new ideas turned out!

I completely re-envisioned the game types (with the help of my kids), bringing 7 new game types and 250+ new mazes to 2.0! It was a lot of fun bringing these ideas to life and I hope you enjoy the updates.

You can learn more about Mirror Maze 2.0 over at the marketing site.

Mirror Maze 2.0 is live in the App Store and Google Play. Go check it out!